Mukunda Madhava Nath


Online CV
Mechanism Design Researcher | Design Engineer
Bangalore, India-560048

Mechanism Design | Simulation(FEA, Optimization) | Programming
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Welcome to My Homepage

I am an aspiring researcher in design, analysis, and manufacturing of novel mechanisms for industrial applications. I intend to bring the dexterity of biological entities to mechanisms using design methods, control integration, and machine learning/AI.

I am working at General Motors Technical Centre India as a Senior Engineer - Safety CAE (Pedestrian Protection, Crash & Safety), since August, 2013. I completed MDes (Product Design and Engineering) from Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore and BTech (Mechanical Engineering) from National Institute of Technology Silchar.

I enjoy solving engineering problems, designing products, practicing mathematics, and writing code. As of now, I am working on various research and design projects with my advisors from IISc.